Best Work Boots, Reviews & Top Rated Choices for 2016

Steel-Toe Boot
  • Timberland PRO Men's Pitboss 6" Steel-Toe Boot
  • Price: $$
Steel-Toe Boot
  • Caterpillar Men's Revolver Pull-On Steel-Toe Boot
  • Price: $
Insulated Waterproof Boot
  • Wolverine Men's Gold 6" Insulated Waterproof Boot
  • Price: $$
Waterproof Work Boot
  • Bogs Men's Forge Tall ST Waterproof Work Boot
  • Price: $$$
Soft-Toe Boot
  • Timberland PRO Men's Direct Attach Six-Inch Soft-Toe Boot
  • Price : $

You’re a person of hard work, you work day and night in an effort to put your best foot forward in your work field, don’t you? Since you’ve bothered to read this article, I’m assuming that your profession demands you to stand on your feet for a long time during the job. Working in rough terrains, under adverse weather as well as environmental conditions can turn the things messy at times. In such cases, more than any other part of your body, it’s the feet which have to bear the brunt of it. Buying yourself a pair of rugged, well-fit, sturdy yet comfy pair of work boots not only helps you keep your feet protected, but also makes it easier to put your entire focus on the task.

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Best Work Boots – In a Nutshell

Work Boots Model:Our Rating:Price:
Timberland PRO Men's Pitboss4.3$$
Caterpillar Men's Revolver4.3$
Wolverine Men's Insulated Waterproof Boot4.5$$
Bogs Men's Forge Steel Toe Waterproof Insulated Work Boot4.3$$$
Timberland PRO Men's Direct Attach Six-Inch Soft-Toe Boot4.5$

Types of Work Boots


Pull-on Work Boots

Pull-on boots, alternatively know as slip-on boots are essentially made from a solid, wear resistant material like leather. Slip-on work boots are trouble-free to put on as you won’t have to struggle with any shoelace, just tuck your feet in and you’re all set. Be it a freezing cold temperature, surface scattered with sharp objects like nails, muddy soil or slippery floor, pull-on boot can combat any outdoor element without fail. Rail road workers, welders, loggers and the likes who have to deal with high voltage current and heavy machineries every day are ones to be most benefitted by this type of shoes. To keep your feet warm under minus degree temperature, it includes an extra layer of insulation.

Best Pull-on Work Boots

Caterpillar Revolver Steel Toe Pull-on Boot

Caterpillar has a dab hand at making solid and comfy work boots for both men and women. The prime focus of the company has always been on merging the best manufacturing technology with premium shoe materials. The Revolver Steel Toe is made from imported leather. It has a top-quality rubber sole spread inside and a leather shaft for durability and protection against electrocution hazards.

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Ariat Workhog Pull-on Waterproof Boot

The use of full grain leather at the upper section of the boot ensures you get a firm stand on a slippery surface. The special design of the boot aims to keep the anatomical posture of your feet intact after hours of standing. The addition of a Goodyear welting further enhances the quality of the boots. What’s more special is the inclusion of a Duratread outsole with self-cleaning and non-tracking features.

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Timberland Pro Five Star Demi Pull-on Boot

Crafted to perfection with superior quality full grain leather, offering a wide collection of modern designs, Timberland Pro is worth every bit you pay for it. Whether you’re treading on a damp surface or a dry floor, the slip-resistant outsole of this boot will always help you get a stable foothold on every surface. The key features of Pro include the deft employment of anti-fatigue technology which absorbs maximum shock and reduces fatigue, coupled with abrasion resistant properties that keep the boot protected against outdoor elements for years.

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Winter Work Boots

Going by the statistics of the causes that led to industrial accidents, the prominence of ice-cold temperature cannot be downplayed. For people working in the ruthless terrains where heavy snow fall and torrential rain occur frequently, wearing a pair of highly insulated footwear is an essential part of safety. If the mercury hits lower than -10 degrees, emphasize on picking a boot equipped with a Thinsulate lining. Consider the gram rating of the Thinsulate before buying. Most companies offer a gram rating ranging from 100-1000. A gram rating between 200-400 will do you enough for moderately cold temperature. Go for a higher rating only if you’ve to battle against a freezing cold climate. Composite toes are the most suitable safety toes for winter work boots.

Chippewa men’s 29416 8” waterproof insulated work boot

Lined with 400 grams of Thinsulate and the company’s trademark “chip-a-tex” waterproofing system, Chippewa men’s 29416 8” can survive under the most grueling climatic conditions like breeze. The dual action of waterproof and insulation provides great comfort and dryness in places where it’s always raining and the mercury hits the minus. Excessive sweating is a pretty usual issue with insulated shoes. Chippewa has utilized Rubi dry-lex, a sweat controlling fiber, in the construction of the boot, as an effective solution to sweating problem.

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Wolverine Men’s Gold 6” Insulated Waterproof Boots

The generously cushioned foot-bed of the footwear feels comfortable as it absorbs pressure of various points of the foot and converts it into energy.the400 gram insulation is sufficient for medium cold and rainy climatic regions. The aesthetically stunning boot design comes in various sizes for snuggle fit and flexible movement. The sole of the boot is the soul of it. Not only it’s waterproof and slip resistant, but it also safeguards your toes against high heat, chemical and abrasion. Such toughness, much wow!

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Logger Work Boots

The choices are pretty limited in this segment as there are only a handful of brands so far which have successfully designed quality logger boots. Logger boots perform exceptionally well on slippery and damp surfaces. Strong ankle support and fine waterproof waxing are the major characteristics of a dependable, shock-proof logger work boot. The heels in this particular kind of boots are made deliberately long to help one hold a firm grip on a slippery floor. The best logger work boots in the market have a premium shrank devised in them for additional leg support.

Danner Men’s Super Rain Forest 200 Gram Work boot

Logger industry is notorious for putting the workers under the most testing conditions. You need a pair of rugged logger boots to brush the harms out of your way. USA made Danner Men’s is a beast, both by looks and functionality. Its insulation and waterproofing waxing are the best you get for money. A 200 gram Thinsulate merged with Gore Tex liners generate enough warmth and air circulation inside the boot to make your feet smile when the weather goes macabre.

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Chippewa Men’s 25405 9” Waterproof Steel-Toe Super Logger Boot

Chippewa Men’s 25405 9” is an all-inclusive work boot for infallible safety against the obstacles you meet at the job site. The waterproof cum sweat-permeable membrane fitted inside the boot doesn’t choke your feet in the name of waterproofing. It has a triple ribbed steel shank along with a 2” logger heel to help you keep moving by the time you normally get tired. The Vibram Tacoma yellow plug logger sole is another major highlight of this robust logger boot.

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Waterproof Work Boots

Waterproofing is an absolutely must utility in any work boot for professionals. Irrespective of the environment of your work zone, the chances of getting water inside your boots is nearly 100%.while you’re busy with your hunt for the ultimate work boot for your distinct requirements, checking the waterproof rating renders paramount importance. The mechanism of a waterproof boot works in two ways-first it reduces the build up of perspiration due under humidity and secondly, the material blocks the absorption of water from an external source to keep your feet dry. If your professional requirements include staying in a damp location for an extended period, I would strictly recommend a leather work boot with waterproof waxing.

Best Waterproof Work Boots Review

The Original Muckboots Adult Muckmaster Hi-Cut boot

There’s no competition to Muckboots when it comes to waterproof work boots, they were the first to brainstorm the idea of using neoprene, the material used in swim suits, in the making of waterproof boots. Adult Muckmaster all-weather boot is an enigmatic synthesis of 100% waterproof technology and comfortable design. Other exciting features include a solid sole traction, a crush resistant toe and a 6 mm removable nitracel Eva sock liner.

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Bogs Men’s Forge Steel Toe Waterproof Insulated Work Boot

Bogs Men features everything it takes to become the best work boot for any purpose. The breathable design teamed with waterproofing wax not only restricts water from getting inside the boot but also blocks perspiration build up. The most notable feature of the product is the actuation of air channel technology to eliminate moisture from your feet, so that they remain dry and odour-free all day long. That’s not all, Bogs have pushed the boundary by adding a double acting lining to the boot. Therefore, the boot is capable of generating high insulation when you’re combating against snowy weather.

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Caterpillar Men’s Diagnostic Steel Toe Waterproof Boot

Men’s Diagnostic is one of the best Caterpillar has made so far and its functions expand way beyond keeping your feet free from moisture. The ergonomically curved contour sole placed inside the shoe permits the natural movement of feet and provides excellent shock protection. The 6 mm shaft is well-padded for superior comfort during prolonged hours of standing. Diagnostic’s nylon mesh lining claims to keep your feet fully dry up to 4 inches of water. Furthermore, it is comprised of a thermal insulation as well so that you can don’t have to pause your work in a nasty cold weather.

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You can check out our complete guide on waterproof work boots for more information.

Best Work Boots for Maximum Safety

There’s no dearth of options in terms of both aesthetics and technical specs despite of the massive diversity of work sites. There’s a particular work boot suitable for every job. Working at a construction site poses a greater risk of serious foot injuries than in any other work zone. The surrounding may turn as merciless as it gets. So, it’s a part of your responsibility to ward off the possible dangers by taking sufficient precautions.

For protection against the uncertain outdoor elements and ceaseless battering at the construction sites, you need an anti-puncture lining on the aluminum safety toe at your disposal. Make sure to hand-pick the right shoe size for optimal flexibility of movement and comfort. In general, these boots have a long break in period so, they do take around a couple of weeks to mould into the shape of your feet.

Most Comfortable Work Boots to Increase Comfort Level

There are certain jobs that require a person to stand for a long span of time, such as that of security guards. Standing for extended hours at a stretch puts an immense strain on your leg muscles. As a result of which, many people belonging to these occupations complaint of acute ache in leg muscles, back pain, feet sore and insomnia. A boot which has been strategically designed to curb leg fatigue is the best choice for this purpose. All you got to do is to eye for an anti-fatigue insole in the boots. These special soles absorb excess load from the pressure points, allowing a long-lasting comfort throughout the day.

Thorogood American Heritage 6” Moc Toe Boot

Boots like American Heritage comes to rescue when you need a full-proof solution against constant battering during the extended period of working. Sacrificing with your comfort easily gets you tired and hampers your performance. The anti-fatigue technology utilized in Heritage along with shock absorbing feature can well take care of threatening outdoor elements. The waterproof yet breathable structure lets you keep the shoes worn for hours without feeling burdened. If you have to climb on the ladder often, the shafts provide great ankle support for generous stability and protection.

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Timberland Pro Men’s Endurance 6” Waterproof Work Boot

Pro Men’s Endurance is really made to endure. It is so lightweight that you can wear it for hours without feeling you’re wearing a sturdy boot. It consists of a waterproof membrane that keeps your feet dry and odourless. The anti-puncture sole plate reduces the risks of serious harm from falling objects. The anti-fatigue technology heightens the level of comfort during the days of double shift working.

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Best Work Boots for Safety

Timberland Pro Men’s Pit Boss 6” Steel Toe Work Boots

Industrial construction sites are one of the most dangerous workplaces to be in. You can’t settle for something that is only comfortable to wear, you need a heavy-duty shield on your feet against uncertain predicaments. Timberland is second to none when the topic concerns the safest work boots. Pro Men’s Pit Boss has been designed keeping in focus the kind of shit people have to deal with at construction sites. Built with strong full-grain leather, lined with Goodyear welting and nylon shock diffuser plate, Pit Boss provides optimal safety against accidental cuts, lacerations, blisters and several other types of foot injuries. The polyurethane footbed with antimicrobial treatments allows enough air to pass inside the foot, eliminating sweat build up and odour.

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Caterpillar Men’s 2nd Shift 6” Steel Toe Boot

Caterpillar 2nd Shift is the boot to go with when you got to work for double shift at the job side. The inner sole of the footwear is thickly padded to reduce fatigue and the breathable design keeps you moving for hours end. Heavy machines are an inevitable part of construction jobs.2nd shift features a ASTM approved steel toes to guard your feet against the dangers triggered by moving bulky and moving objects.T3 rubber soles aid slip-resistance and tight sole traction. The soles are easily removable and repairable.

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You can check out our complete guide on comfortable work boots for more information.

Best Work Boots with Great Stability

Masons, electricians and many other professionals have to climb on ladders frequently. A minor shift of focus or imbalance can trigger life-threatening consequences. The feature you need to focus upon the most here is the heels. It should be preferably tall, pertaining to good sole traction and stability. The insole of the shoe has to heighten the level of comfort and eliminate maximum pressure from the tendons and joints. Also check out the overall quality of the ankle and calf support for the best bang for your bucks.

And the Winner is…

Timberland Pro Direct Attach Soft Toe Boots

Pro Direct is a coveted blend of classic design and modern technology, crafted exclusively using direct inject method. Walking distance, handling intricate jobs wearing one of these finely cushioned shoes, laden with flexible insoles, feels like a walk in the park, quite literally. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than wet feet at your job place, the all weatherproof seam-sealed leather covering the exterior of the boot effectively deals with the whims of weather. If working at a height is a part and parcel of your work, tight traction of the rubber out-sole of this boot can prove to be a huge advantage for you.

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Work Boot Brands You Can Count on

The importance of a brand name, although not a chief determining factor for buying shoes, cannot be completely denied when it comes to buying shoes. In this segment, I will introduce you to a couple of brands who have successfully delivered quality work boots in every price range for years.


Wolverine is the proud inventor of the Multishox system that was later adopted by many other shoe-makers to enhance the comfort level of their boots. Despite of being a leading manufacturer, their brainchild technology wasn’t spared of criticism initially. Many critics have expressed doubts over the effectiveness of Multishox, but that hasn’t led to the decline in their popularity in any way. It’s pleasantly surprising how Wolverine shoes can bestow maximum comfort to your feet with such a short break in period. Add to that, their shoes are highly affordable even if you’re on a shoe-string budget.

Red wing

When it comes to building work boots for the roughest climatic conditions, Red Wing is the master of the domain. The brand is famous for their line of stylish, premium work boots. The company boasts of a business experience of nearly 80 years. If you’re prodigal in expenditure, you won’t certainly regret having a pair of Red Wing shoes. Exuberant looks, superb strain resistance and superior comfort characterize a Red Wing work boot. The products are solely aimed towards hardcore professionals. If you’re into a labour-intensive field and have a good sum to spend, you know where to head, don’t you?


Caterpillar work boots at times raise eyebrows due to it’s annoyingly long break in time but the good part is, once the break period is over, the shoes are delightfully comfortable to wear. The high standard of the material used in the construction effectively stands the test of time. Furthermore, you won’t have to tweak your budget to own a pair of Caterpillar’s stylish work boots.


Here comes another industry giant which has rolled out some of the most highly sold work boots of all decades. The absence of break in period is acceptable for those seeking ready-to-wear slip on boots. Having said that, Wolverine products do suffer from the lack of durability. This is a huge minus for a reputed brand like this who has garnered such great acclaim for their designing acumen.


There are a number of reasons why Keen, despite of being a relatively new kid on the block, has successfully enlisted itself among the top brands like Red wing and Timberland. Apart from being incredibly economical, their shoes are tastefully designed with a variety of colours and motifs. The products do get past the ravage of time and weather elements.

Factors to Stress upon While Purchasing the Best Work Boots


Insulation and Waterproofing Qualities

No matter what purposes you’re buying a work boot for, ensuring that it’s 100% waterproof is a mandatory part of shopping for a need-specific boot. In U.S, it is customary for the manufacturers to make their products fully waterproof otherwise they would be charged for breaching the common minimum safety standard. Imagine yourself working on slippery floors, muddy soil or dirty pool, the lack of proper waterproofing can damage the skin of your feet to a horrible extent.

The degree of insulation in a work boot indicates the level of warmth generated inside the footwear. High insulation is particularly beneficial when you’re exposed to a temperature below zero degree Celsius. A perfectly insulated work boot should provide optimal comfort even under -30 degree Celsius. The same insulation can go totally against you if you’re dealing with humidity and scorching heat. Under high heat, it would result in excessive sweat which can be an intolerable mess.

Safety from a Sudden Electrical Surge

Men and women working in factories are constantly exposed to high voltage current. You never know when your stars will be against you so, it’s always wise to gear yourself with adequately safety precautions before getting into the work zone. Electrical hazard boots, static dissipations boots are a special variant of work bots which are exclusively designed to provide all-round safety against electrocution and static dissipation. The materials used in the boots are necessarily non-metallic since they are unable to conduct electricity.


Lightweight work boots should be always chosen over their heavier counterparts for the sake of comfortable locomotion. Who would want their feet bogged down by a bulky pair of boots when there are already too many challenges to face? The choices are fortunately unlimited if you look for lightweight yet tough work boots for your specific needs.

What about the Sole and Heel?

Slippery surface is a very notorious obstruction at the work sites. If you get inattentive for even a moment, it can create huge mess. Make sure the product you’re buying comprises an effective oil and slip resistant sole. For protection against nails and similar sharp objects present in outdoor locations, be sure to check the presence of a quality puncture resistance plate in your boot. The ideal heel length of a work boot should not exceed beyond ¾ inches and should have a bevel of at least 45 degrees. The heel helps you to have a tight grip on the surface when you’re supposed to climb and stay upright on a ladder for a prolonged period.

Comfort Level

If the primary function of a work boot is to provide safety, comfort comes only second to it. Before finalizing the purchase, make sure to give a couple of products a trial to find out which one snugly fits you. If you notice any pinching hotspot in your footwear, be happy to discard it immediately.

Break in Period

People searching for slip on boots which can be worn immediately after purchase should not forget to check out the break in period of the boot. The shorter the break in time, the faster your feet get comfortable inside the footwear. On the downside, short or almost no break time hinders, more often than not, the durability and solidity of the shoes.


The importance of the design of a work boot goes much beyond the superficial appearance. The construction of a boot includes factors such as technologies used in maximizing and performance and standard of the raw materials. Rubber and leather are the most extensively used materials for creating the outsole of the boot whereas synthetic welts are believed to be more reliable than plastic. In case you don’t know what a welt is, it is basically a strip of material that helps joining the upper and lower soles.

Brand Value

When you’re spending your money on a branded product, you’re relived of the weariness of being duped because a well-acknowledged brand would strive hard to maintain their reputation. Brand name offers the guarantee of genuine quality and optimal performance. By chance any mishap occurs, a trusted company would provide full customer assistance and even replace the product if needed, within the warranty period.

Good Support

Folks who are into power plants, welding factories, mechanical engineering, rail road repairing need additional calf and ankle support along with a larger coverage of the toe than those belonging to other fields. In this regard, I would advise looking for a footwear geared with a metatarsal support. Design-wise, it is akin to steel toes but as far as the function is concerned, the former covers a wider area of the toe along with providing the much necessary ankle and calf support.

How does Safety Toe Affect the Comfort and Strength of Your Boots?

Work boots, both in design and function, are much different from casual shoes. While the later is chiefly meant for walking and running purposes, work boots act a protective gear when your feet are exposed to extreme heat, arc shoot ups, fire, wet floor or stony terrain. Wearing a solid pair of work boots keeps your feet protected from lacerations, blisters, sores and injuries. Aluminum and steel toes are the two basic types of safety toes visible in work boots. With the surge in the technology, we are currently introduced to another variant called composite toe, which is believed to combine the best of its predecessors.

Steel Toes

No matter how far the technology progresses, there’s something unexplainably pleasurable in adhering to the old traditions. In spite of the availability of new and improved toes, many veterans till late prefer steel toes over anything else. The toughness, durability and rigidity of steel easily outshine those of aluminum or carbon fiber. Nonetheless, one can’t simply deny the problems that rise due to the high conductivity of this metal. When you’re working under minus degree or flesh-roasting heat, steel toes would channelize the temperature inside the boot.

Aluminum Toes

Aluminum is lightweight, unlike steel but with the same level of strength and resistance as that of steel. If you’re keen on employing the least amount of stress on your feet, you can count on aluminum toes. Unfortunately, aluminum is also a good conductor of temperature, therefore, it is not advisable if you’re constantly exposed to extreme heat.

Composite Toes

When both steel and aluminum failed to provide wholesome protection against the whims of weather, manufacturers had to come up with a worthy alternative which would resolve the shortcoming of metals. As a result, they chose non-metallic materials like plastic, Kevlar, carbon fiber to design the safety toes. Composite toes not only give desirable comfort but also eliminate the heat from being transferred inside the boot with equal efficiency.


When it comes to choosing the best work boots, it’s a common notion that the most expensive products provide the best quality. While I refuse to discard the idea totally, more often than not, it’s the quality of the materials used and construction determines the performance, not the brand name or a steep price tag. Individuals who are new to this domain may find it complicated to pick one from the huge series of options. Being a professional mechanical engineer for almost 15 years, I’ve learnt, indeed in a hard way, the extreme importance of taking appropriate safety precautions in a work station. This article is nothing but my humble attempt at sharing my experience with you all. Hope that helps you make a satisfactory purchase.

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